Tuesday, 21 September 2010

New Yamaha Scorpio Z 2010 has been introduced

Yesterday, Yamaha Motorcycles has been introduced their new product, New Yamaha Scorpio Z. after so long without changing on shape and design, now, Yamaha Scorpio has changed, more fresh and modern, changes that happen a lot around on body and design. This is good news for fans of Yamaha Scorpio Z, how about the engine used? remain the same as the previous model.

New Yamaha Scorpio Z
New Yamaha Scorpio Z 2010, Pic: tempointeraktif.com
if we observe together, obviously, "New Yamaha Scorpio" has a new face, design a more gallant front lights, fuel tank is more muscular, and also the motorcycle behind the looks appear  is better than previous versions of Yamaha scorpio z. from some trusted sources, adopting the design of the Yamaha Scorpio is used 2011 Yamaha Fazer 250 design. but it looks like yamaha is not going to change the engine in use on this Yamaha Scorpio, well New Yamaha Scorpio fixed using 4-stroke SOHC engine air cooled 223 cc, it's strong enough for touring and also daily activity..

New Yamaha Scorpio Z 2010 lights look better than ever, with some changes to the Yamaha Scorpio this z, Yamaha Motorcycles seems to provide the best for Yamaha fans, we know, Scorpio z not make any changes since this sport touring bike was introduced, okay, there have been changes in appearance, but not a lot just a little thing as like striping changes.

OK, we just have to wait further information from Yamaha about New Yamaha Scorpio Z 2010, Yamaha Scorpio Z 2010 Specs has not preach, but I guess not too many changes, may change that happened a lot in appearance only and correct some deficiencies in this Yamaha Scorpio Z.
Welcome New Yamaha Scorpio Z 2010 !!


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