Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Kawasaki Eliminator ZL 600 Motorcycle

Kawasaki Eliminator ZL 600 Motorcycle is another series from Kawasaki Motorcycles. Come with 600CC of engine displacement, it's smaller than Kawasaki ZL1000, ZL900 and also ZL750. Kawasaki ZL600 is perfect for middle rider, enough for power and not to hard to ride it.. oh yeah Kawasaki Eliminator 600 is a slightly modified engine from the Kawasaki Ninja 600.. okay that's all right

Kawasaki Eliminator ZL 600
Kawasaki Eliminator ZL 600 Specification
Engine Liquid-Cooled 16V DOHC I4
Bore x Stroke 60 x 52.4 mm
Displacement 592 cc
Compression 11.8
Power 74 hp @10500, 39.8 ft·lbf (54.0 N·m) @8500
Length 2210 mm
Width 775 mm
Height 1120 mm
Wheelbase 1550 mm
Clearance 145 mm
Seat Height 720 mm
Weight 194 kg
Fuel/Oil Capacity 12.3 L / 3.0 L
Carbs 4x 30 mm Keihin CV
Rake 29.5°
Trail 107 mm
Tires (F,R) 100/90-18, 150/80-15
Brakes (F,R) Front, Single Disc
Rear, Drum

Kawasaki Eliminator ZL600 used  Engine Liquid-Cooled 16V DOHC I4 !! again, the DOCH technology is very strong for rider who want to try the great Motorcycles, and Kawasaki ZL600 have it !!


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