Saturday, 17 July 2010

Yamaha Electric Scooter EC-03

We need to find the best and friendly Motorcycles for our nature, Yamaha Scooter with Yamaha Electric Scooter EC-03 is one of the Yamaha Plan to produce the friendly Scooter for us. Yamaha motorcycles introducing the picture of Yamaha Electric Scooter EC-03 in Tokyo. Yamaha will bring it to Europe market at 2011.

yamaha scooter ec-03
Yamaha EC-03 is full commuter powered, there is 1,9PS of Max power, and 28km/h of speed. Weight of Scooter EC-03 is 123,4lb and you must charge this bike for 6 hours and powered 50V lithium of battery. Yamaha Electric Scooter bring to the market with great design, and simple. If you have a plan to bring the new friendly Scooter, this is one of the best choice for you.. great job Yamaha .. !!


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