Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Yamaha Byson or Yamaha Fazer 250 (Scorpio) ?

The most popular and a waiting motorcycles from Yamaha : Yamaha Byson and Yamaha Fazer 250 (Scorpio). Some people in Asia market place, still waiting, when the motorcycles will going on out? I feel Yamaha is not ready, I also do not know where the motorbike that will be introduced to the public beforehand, Yamaha Byson or Yamaha Fazer 250 ?as we know, Honda has been getting ready with The new Honda Mega Pro (indonesia area), and was ready to fight Yamaha V-Xion or YZF R15.

yamaha Byson

Honda will reply to his defeat, Honda has been lost from the Yamaha since a few years ago, and .. Yamaha V-Xion can create the new Mega Pro and Tiger , therefore, Honda should make a very good bike to counter the V-Xion.

These problems are in Indonesian region, I do not know exactly when Yamaha will release his new motorcycle, but if I had to give advice between Yamaha Byson and Yamaha Fazer 250 (scorpio),, it looks like Yamaha fazer 250 (scorpio) is more better to be first.. because for the 150cc class, Yamaha has led in the front of sales .. let see..


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