Monday, 14 June 2010

Ducati MotoGP - Ducati Motorcycles on the Race

Ducati MotoGp - We know that Stoner has changed the MotoGp Race Situation more interesting, Today, not only Honda and Yamaha, but Ducati will move more.

Ducati is one of the best Motorcycles on MotoGp. Before Ducati Motorcycles come in, there is only Yamaha and Honda on the front, but now, best Couple "Stoner and Ducati" will beat them of all. Stoner had won and be the MotoGp World Champion at several years ago. Ducati Motor bike has have a high top speed, often, we saw the Yamaha and Honda could be passed easily by Ducati. nice motorcycles and smart rider. Stoner is very smart, he can control the Ducati with a good, although some times we saw that Stoner and Ducati drop and crash, Ducati have great power, if you want to ride a Ducati with a good, each rider must be able to control this motorcycle. Perfect Power, almost perfect rider, almost perfect handling ^_^...


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