Friday, 9 April 2010

Motorcycles Parts damaged due to heavy load

Motorcycles parts damaged due to heavy load?
a few days ago, I went to the yamaha motorcycles service place, to perform routine service once every 2 months, there are some interesting things that I found, there is one rider of service where the motorcycle come in, a motorcycle rider try to solved kick starter, and fixing his motorcycle, his kick starter destroyed, he must replace the broken kick starter motorcycles part on his motorcycle's spare parts. I asked him, why did this happen? her answers because she often brings a great burden and carried on his motorcycle. Actually Motorcycles Parts damaged due to heavy load !!

if you often carry heavy loads on a motorcycle, be careful, because your motorcycles parts will be easily damaged, we know that Motorcycles parts Is not cheap, so if you want to carry a heavy item, use a car !!, do not force your motorcycle a big burden because it can damage the parts on your motorcycle.. so be carefully my friend !!


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