Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Kawasaki 650 - ninja 650r or klr 650?

If you want to buy kawasaki 650, there are 2 option from kawasaki motorcycles, kawasaki ninja 650r and kawasaki klr 650. We must choose a motorcycle in accordance with our needs. Kawasaki ninja 650r and klr 650 is very different, both types of motorcycles are made for 2 different needs, ninja 650r specially made for the street, while the klr is more useful in mountainous or rural areas. design of both motorcycles is also very different, if the ninja 650r appear shorter, while the klr 650 more higher.

if I had to choose between a ninja 650r and klr 650, klr 650 would i choose, why I chose klr? because the way i often go through a rural road, the road such as this requires a good suspension, and klr 650 has an excellent suspension and it is suitable for areas such as my.
ninja 650r created for motorcyclists who like to speed, to take a ninja 650r and feel we have to go through a good road, ninja 650r may be uncomfortable if not through a lot of roads with rocks, right? Both of motorcycles actually has almost the same engine capacity, which is between 650cc, but clearly they are different, so what are your options? customize to your needs... have fun ..


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