Monday, 1 February 2010

Ninja 250R Power almost same with Ninja 150

Guys.. every rider know that Kawasaki Ninja 250R is the new motorsport icon from kawasaki, ninja 250R isn't new brand, before Kawasaki Ninja 250R launch there is Kawasaki 250 the first came to public. Now, there is question in another country that still sell Ninja 150 ZXR or KRR and Ninja 250R, who is better? price for this two product is very very different, kawasaki ninja 250 price is more expensive, almost 2x ninja 150 price. Kawasaki 250R power have 31,4 ps, and Ninja 150 zxr/krr power is 30,1 ps, you can see that the power between two motorcycle is almost same !!!

picture :
Kawasaki ninja 250r have features like DOCH engine technology, 2 cylinder, 6 speed, return shift, and wight 169kg, this is the great specification, but ninja 150 with SKIP technology can give your kawasaki speed like ninja 250R, Ninja 150 is more light than kawasaki ninja 250R, yeah weight for Ninja 150 is 124,5kg. This is the big big question, who is better for power and value?

If you looking at Ninja 250R specification and Ninja 150 specification, there is very different, Ninja 250R with DOCH and Ninja 150RR with SKIP. DOCH can give you more power, and SKIP on Ninja 150RR is the same thing like "DOCH" on Ninja 250R. On the standard motorcycles, Ninja 150RR top speed is the winner from kawasaki ninja 250R top speed, but if you can modification Ninja 250R, the power and top speed for this bike is not lose from Ninja 150RR !!


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