Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Kawasaki ninja 250r with girls

Here they are, the great kawasaki ninja 250r motorcycles with beautiful girls inside. For me, Ninja 250r has a great model and engine power, it's not only an motor sport but also we can call this stylish motor sport. Ninja 250R produces great accelerations and also friendly handling also nice power for every beinner rider and of course for girl who need a light motorcycles.
Here there are some picture of kawasaki ninja 250r motorcycles, Sorry I have not found many Ninja bikes pics with girls but here is some example,

kawasaki ninja 250r with girl
And here another one "kawasaki ninja 250 r" with girl inside..

girl on ninja 250
Very nice motor bike... !! i love kawasaki ninja 250 r !!

If you want to see more Ninja 250 ride by a girl, you have to check it at video, I found some videos that showing girl riding with their Ninja 250, looks good and still friendly for new rider, good luck for you.


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