Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Riding a Bike VS Driving a Car : Motorcycles Rider Experience

Riding with a motorcycles is fun, that is the real fact for some rider today, it's easy to ride, light of weight, simple and also compact, don't forget that motorcycles also can save more gas on your fuel tank, but how about driving a car? it's a different situation for motorcycles riders. Today I just want to tell an experience about "when motorcycles riders learn to drive a car"

Motorcycles VS Cars
A car is one of the most comfortable vehicles that comes with many variants, from City cars likes Suzuki Swift, SUV type, even to premium sport cars likes Mazda RX-8 or also Ferrari series. Of course you must to pay more to get one of it, but you got more than "a vehicles". You can easily to bring all of your family with a car, it's save and protect all of you from A sun and rain. But if you are in the terrible traffic, you got a real trouble with a car, yes you can't go anywhere and just follow the car that in the front side of you, don't forget you must to learn how to drive a car first and it's harder than a ride a bike (my experience only).

Motorcycles is my favorite vehicle, it's has a good style with many variant more than cars, you can found a scooters, cruiser, dual-purpose, dirt-bike, Moto-Cross, street-bike, sport-bikes even to super-sport bikes / hybrid bikes likes Suzuki Hayabusa or Kawasaki ZX-14R. The most value points from a motorcycle is easy to ride and also low cost.

Riding a Bike VS Driving a Car

All about defending your skill and your feeling, I know that it's not a same vehicles but still need your knowledge about both of vehicles. I can drive a car with 2-5 of driving car practices, it's not hard to drive a car if you have more experience from riding motorcycles. You know what i means, drive a cars is still the same like riding on a bike, push a clutch, change a gear position, push a throttle with release a clutch together with slow-down, and yeah you can drive it, please carefully into the right side and left side of you car, watch a mirror !!

What about ride a bike? well it's very very easy, if you want to get a real motorcycles with simple and easy to ride, you can go to scooter, just control a throttle and you can run with a motorcycles. So if you finished with a scooter, you can try a sport-bike or just try a ride Kawasaki 250, it's light weight, comfortable handle-bar position, cheap and easy to ride, and then learn to holding a clutch and changing a gears.

Well, in my experience, drive a car is not so hard, so if you have more experience from riding a bike, you can easily to drive a car. But if you have nothing ride/drive experience, you have to keep patience and keep always carefully. Good luck for all of you.


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