Monday, 21 March 2011

New Suzuki C50 - 2011 Suzuki Boulevard C50T

The engine of 2011 Suzuki Boulevard C50T series is almost same with Suzuki C50 edition, that's right the fuel-injected 45-degree V-twin engine is great features from this Suzuki C50 edition. 2011 Suzuki Boulevard C50T produced a high performance, good torque at low rpm and also great speed at top rpm. Are you tourer? Well, Suzuki C50 has comfortable cruiser motorcycles, friendly riding position, smooth suspension features, aerodynamic windshield, custom-made leather saddlebags, and this is the most important for long miles, there is a well-padded backrest designed especially for passenger comfort !! nice real classic cruiser bike!!
New Suzuki C50 - 2011 Suzuki Boulevard C50T
New Suzuki C50 - 2011 Suzuki Boulevard C50T - Silver/White Color
2011 Suzuki c50
New Suzuki C50 - 2011 Suzuki Boulevard C50T - Black Edition

2011 Suzuki Boulevard C50T Key Features
- 805cc, SOHC, four-valve-per-cylinder, 45-degree V-Twin engine
- chromed and staggered dual exhaust
- Electronic fuel injection system features the (SDTV)
- Dual spark plugs on each cylinder
- 5 Speed transmission
- low 27.6 inch seat height.
- Wide handlebars
- Telescopic forks provide long 140mm (5.5-inch) of wheel travel
- 300mm large front disk-brake
- multi-reflector headlight
- Digital Speedometer features

I have written about after market exhaust for this bike, see more here Suzuki Boulevard Exhaust. So guys, I know the Suzuki Boulevard series is very popular, yeah it's strong cruiser motorcycles family from Suzuki, so if you looking for New Suzuki C50 edition, here is the answer, 2011 Suzuki Boulevard C50T, strong engine, easy to ride with low seat high, comfortable to ride, and lot of new features such us digital speedometer. Enjoy.


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