Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Fu 150 Suzuki Performance increased with racing parts

Well.. well, Fu 150 Suzuki or we also called Satria FU150, Suzuki rider 150, and another name.. It is the little monster motorbike !! It's a DOCH engine powered dude.. So, sometime, people who know about fu 150 Suzuki, want to get more performance for their motor bike, then.. what is the best racing parts for increase our FU 150 Suzuki? Okay.. i just want to share a few information to get more performance with your Suzuki 150..

Fu 150 Suzuki
Here is the racing parts for Satia Fu 150/Rider 150 :
1. CDI BRT Dualband
2. Racing Muffler (R9/DBS original)
3. Carburator PE28
3. Step Up your Main Jet and Jet Pilot
4. Iridium Spark Plug


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